Come away to the island of the Singing Chauka, the Garamut Beat and the unique Green Snail. The Island in the sun.

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"Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.

Come Visit Pundru's Caves

Manus was once roamed by Giants referred to in the local Legends as "Pokops". These Giants are part of the tales passed on from generation to generation. Legend has it that the Manus people are descendents of these Giants. Each landmark site and caves which were once the homes of the Pokops contain not just stories but a trace of the Legends of these Giants.

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Pemeden Cave Entrance, Pundru Village

Lime-stones pave the inside walls of the cave

Giant Stone With Ancient Writings carved onto it.

Come Visit the Caves of Kari

There are several places in this area that are Legendary and are treasure throves of Historical Secrets. It is here, Legend has it, the original birth place of the N'drukuls and the Wisiai. It is believed that the whole of Manus Island and its inhabitants originated from the same area.

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Limbuu Cave

Little flowing streams in the caves

Kopunei, Picnic area.